• Mercy Muthiga Mauki Africa International University
  • John Kitur Africa International University
  • Niceta Wanja Ireri Africa International University
  • Francisca Wavinya Ngala Africa International University


Reports, Special Documents


There is a growing trend towards competency-based education (CBE) in Kenya. This paper reflects on the attributes of the competency-based education programme and the way forward especially at the higher levels of education. CBE is a new way of thinking in the Kenyan system of education designed by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) and launched by the Ministry of Education in 2017.It is the product of the Task Force on re-alignment of the Education Sector (2012) which was mandated to review and align the education, training and research sector in accordance with the Constitution of Kenya 2010. Competency-based education focuses on the acquisition of competencies which enable the learners to cope with life challenges. CBE focuses on the achievement of learning outcomes in terms of the desired behavioral change for the effective performance of a real-world task or activity. The attributes of the CBE programme are drawn from different reports and policy documents. The reports and policy documents are based on societal needs that have motivated the need to align the curriculum at all levels. Over the years, education has been guided by prevailing national goals which are identified through situational analysis. The reports and special documents have been used to articulate the direction the country needs to take in order to propel its development agenda. This has been emphasised by the implementation of the competency-based curriculum in all levels of education. Discussions on CBE provide important information that would guide Kenyan universities on the curriculum review. The paper concludes by giving several recommendations that universities should undertake to align themselves with the curriculum review. It is imperative that each level fits in as required for successful implementation.




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Mauki, M. M., Kitur, J., Ireri, N. W., & Ngala, F. W. (2020). COMPETENCY-BASED CURRICULUM IMPLEMENTATION AND THE ROLE OF THE UNIVERSITIES IN KENYA. Impact: Journal of Transformation, 3(1), 45–52. Retrieved from

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