The War of Hearts

An Examination of the Menace of Corruption in Kenya


  • Prof. James Nkansah-Obrempong Africa International University
  • Ms. Lucy Wanja Julius Africa International University


Corruption, development, sin, transformation, Word of God, prayer


Since its independence to date, Kenya has had numerous scandals of corruption and over the years, it has ranked among the most corrupt countries in Africa and the world. While trying to address the problem, numerous legislations have been enacted and institutions and agencies established but this has not yielded the desired results. This article argues that the failure of the various laws and institutions to effectively address the problem is because they have not identified and addressed the fundamental cause of corruption, which is sin. The purpose of this article is to rethink and assess the various approaches used to address corruption, define the root cause of corruption, and offer biblical and theological remedies to the problem as a contribution to the current discourse on the subject. To come up with this paper, written materials in the form of books, journal articles, newspapers, and other reports have been studied to gain a greater understanding of corruption and its pervasiveness in society. This was coupled with the writers’ experiences as students and teachers of theology. It was found that no lasting solution has been found despite the myriad efforts made by the government and Kenya continues to struggle with an ever-growing corruption case-load which continues to hamper the economic, social, and political development and wellbeing of the citizens. The study found that corruption is a sin and arises from humanity’s nature. Unless the heart is dealt with, all other efforts at fighting it will not succeed. It is therefore recommended that the Church should take the lead in the battle against corruption since it is both a moral and spiritual problem. The Word of God and prayer will go a long way in dealing with this sin. The transformation of society will begin with the transformation of hearts.




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